CREATIVE BOOKMAKING: Workshops with Jeannie Hunt in schools, libraries and community arts.

Personal Map Books

Find your place in the world through map-making.

Personal maps can be geographical (a map of your bedroom or of your neighborhood). They can be poetic (a map of your heart) or thought-provoking (a map of your future). Or they can be just plain silly (a map of your stomach).

In this workshop, we'll draw a personal map -- it can be accurate or imaginary. Then we'll add some decorative borders and a fancy cartouche.

We'll learn the magic map-fold and create an "explosion" book that fits neatly inside a clamshell cover and stays closed with velcro. We'll decorate our covers with colorful compass designs.

 Here's an open book with a map to my friend's house:


Other maps I have drawn:

  Childhood memory map of my walk to school 

My childhood neighborhood in Springfield

Map of my old neighborhood in Northampton MA

Floor plan map of my old apartment

Map of my garden at the old apartment 

Map of my new neighborhood in Florece MA

 Floor plan map of my new apartmentMap of my studio space