CREATIVE BOOKMAKING: Workshops with Jeannie Hunt in schools, libraries and community arts.

Bookmaking Instructions

        To see photos, click on the project names below. Then you can download instructions and make your own. Have fun!

PHOTOS                                                  PDF INSTRUCTIONS

NEW! Map Book (download exploding map book instructions

NEW! Mini Board Book (download mini board book instructions)

Ribbon Accordion Book              (download accordion instructions)      

Twig Binding Book
                    (download twig instructions)                                     

Four Flaps Book                           (download flaps instructions)

Origami Booklet                           (download origami instructions)

Road Book                                    (download road instructions)

Diamond Pouch                            (download pouch instructions)

House Book                                 (download house instructions)

House Cutting Template               (download template instructions)  Use this to cut zig-zag roof line

Corner Connector                          (download corner instructions)  Use this to connect houses into city block